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Organization of dedicated satellite communication channels

“GeoTelecommunications”, LLC provides communication operators and corporate clients with services of connecting to dedicated satellite communication channels - SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier).

Using SCPC assures high quality and reliability of data transmission of any sort of information to any point within the applied satellite coverage area regardless of its remote location and difficulty of access.

Using SCPC for data transmission and communication networks organization is your independence from distance and land telecommunication infrastructure. Wherever you are, SCPC will provide you with top quality data exchange and communication.

Owing to the high service quality, the service can be used as an alternative to communication landlines; besides, SCPC can be also applied for redundancy service to improve networks reliability level.

SCPCis also applied for customers’ corporate networks building, including the situation when such corporate clients’ objects are hard-to-reach and at a long distance from each other. The following services can be performed within the framework of corporate networks:

  • telephony;
  • Internet access
  • data transmission 
  • videoconference calls
  • video monitoring
  • video content transfer

Applying SCPC has significant advantages:

  • guaranteed capacity
  • high speed of data transmission
  • reliability