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On January 28-30, 2014, GeoTelecommunications company participated in XVI International exhibition CSTB-2014, which took place in Crocus Expo, Moscow. CSTB exhibition is the main professional event for Russian and foreign telecoms operators and broadcasters, TV content and equipment producers. The exhibition presents a great variety of TV and telecoms formats and trends: digital satellite and cable TV, IPTV, mobile TV, OTT, HDTV, 3D TV; digital terrestrial television, TV content etc. More than 500 TV and telecoms companies participate in the event annually.

During the exhibition GeoTelecommunications’ managers have conducted a series of meetings with actual and potential partners for discussion of details and prospects of transfer to ABS-2 satellite, which is to be launched in coming days, as well as development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The staff of GeoTelecommunications, LLC has also attended several sections of the “Digital Multichannel Television” forum, where representatives of relevant ministries and main TV market payers discussed the issues of development of pay TV operators’ marketing, opportunities of Internet and satellite technologies as the main solution for signal delivery throughout Russia, the problems of introduction of such future technologies as 4К, 8К etc.