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Data Transmission

“GeoTelecommunications”, LLC (GT) provides its customers with data transmission services (including Internet access) via:

  • satellite communication channels (point-to-point channels);
  • landline communication channels;
  • satellite channels on the basis of VSAT network (DVB-RCS technology).
Data transmission services provided by our company are highly customer-oriented, i.e. communication network configuration is worked out taking into consideration customers’ goals and demands.
The reliability of the decisions offered is assured by using powerful radio aids with a flexible redundancy system and well-engineered technical strategy.
24-hour monitoring and technical support provide effective  functioning of the system and settlement of arising technical issues of any complexity.

Partnership Program

GT offers companies to take part in a partnership program.This program is oriented at the companies interested in their advancement in the regional telecommunication services market of high-speed Internet access via satellite channels.

Joining “GeoTelecommunications”, LLC partnership program, you get a perfect possibility to expand your business and gain additional profit without serious investments.

GTpartnership program is aimed at:

  • companies working in the area of telecommunications, satellite television, etc.;
  • companies seekeing to expand their services range and the client base.

GT partnership program – is a perfect possibility for your business development, new customers attraction and gaining additional stable profit. Depending on your goals and objectives you can choose one of the following options of partner relations with GT: